Thoughts after Spring IO 2019

May 18, 2019

Spring IO Keynote session

I am on my way back from Spring IO conference in Barcelona feeling inspired to try out things which were presented during 2 days last two days.

While there are lots of Java conferences in Europe - Spring IO is the only conference that is specifically oriented around Spring. Every year you can expect talks from Spring team working at Pivotal - showing latest and greatest stuff from Spring ecosystem - as well as insights and real world application stories from users.


Spring IO team does great job with talk selection - there are always talks that target more junior audience but also ones about more advanced architecture topics like Domain Driven Design, CQRS. There are up to 4 tracks happening at the same time so unfortunately I missed two talks that as I heard were great from both joy and educational point of view:

  • “Event-Driven Microservices with Axon and Spring Boot: excitingly boring” by Allard Buijze
  • “Clean Architecture with Spring” by Tom Hombergs

Looking forward to watch them on YouTube - where according to organisers in 2 weeks all talks will be published.

Since many projects move to platforms like Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry - there were couple of talks presenting how to use, deploy and operate Spring applications in this context. From this space I especially found useful talk from Matthias Haeussler “Kubernetes and/or Cloud Foundry - How to run your Spring Boot Microservices on state-of-the-art cloud platforms” showing differences between deploying Spring Boot application on Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes - congrats on making a demo where everything worked like a charm!

I really enjoyed watching Ray Tsang and Josh Long building Spring application on Google Cloud Platform. I spent last years on AWS and I really wish things were as simple there as they are on GCP.

As much as I like listening to and watching talks I enjoyed even more time in-between sessions - chance to meet people and learn from their experiences.

I am very happy to meet in person people that I know from Twitter who are for me a source of knowledge and inspiration in some cases for a long time - Zoltan Altfatter, Sam Brannen, Joris Kuipers, Thomas Darimont, Gilles Robert, Jakub Pilimon - just to name a few.

I also met a lot of new people from around the Europe - but surprisingly many of them do not use Twitter 🤷‍♂️ (!)

Speaking at Spring IO

This year’s Spring IO is special for me because I got a chance to speak there. I am quite active in Spring community since years but never actually have spoken at any conference before. Speaking at Spring IO was my dream!

I came with a talk The State of Java Relational Persistence and a workshop Relational Persistence with Spring Data JDBC.

It was stressful and exciting at the same time. I think adrenaline that comes with speaking on the stage may be addictive.

According to ratings I got through the Spring IO mobile app - which is by the way really cool idea - both went well which makes me very happy - I would feel really bad if I would waste audience time - especially when choosing my talk they did not choose another potentially great talk happening on different track. The workshop could have gone better - I got feedback from few people and noticed myself couple of things to improve - so I hope next time everyone leaving the room will be five-star-happy.


Here are the slides I used at the talk (although they animate really nicely so the experience on Speakerdeck much much worse):


To make time spent at the venue even more pleasant Spring IO team put this year an old school arcade machines with games like Street Fighter, Metal Slug. Although I usually don’t pay too much attention to these kind of stuff - for someone like me who spent childhood playing arcade games it was a very nice accent. I only wish Mortal Kombat was there.

street fighter


Spring IO was a time well spent. Next year I plan to take my camera with me and make either interviews with people from Spring community or just make an eye candy promo type of video.

If you could not make it to Spring IO check it’s YouTube channel in 2 weeks for videos - it’s not the same experience but the knowledge will be there available for free.

Big 👏 for Sergi Almar and the rest of Spring IO team who once again organised this fantastic conference and bringing Spring community together.

Hope to see you next year at Spring IO 2020!