Maciej Walkowiak

Hi! đŸ‘‹

I am a freelance software consultant specialized in Java/Kotlin and Spring. I help companies in taking architecture decisions choose right and building software that's easy to evolve and maintain.

I run Spring Academy YouTube channel with video tutorials & news from the ecosystem addressed to intermediate Java & Spring developers.

Maciej Walkowiak

Creating Spring Cloud Function projects with AWS SAM

Learn how to initialize new Spring Cloud Function project running on AWS Lambda with AWS more

Loading classpath resources to String with a custom JUnit extension

Learn how to load classpath resources into a String with a custom JUnit extensions. With Spring and without Spring. You may also find it interesting if you would like to learn how to access Spring application context from custom JUnit more

Creating Project Templates with Cookiecutter

Creating new project from scratch can be tedious. Learn how save time and create project templates with more

Auto-Registering JUnit 5 extensions

Learn how to register JUnit 5 extension for all tests without annotating each one of them with more

Spring Boot component scanning without annotations

Spring Boot has an interesting capability - it can scan for components even for classes that are not annotated with any of the Spring stereotype annotations. This article shows how you can do it and what it can be used more

Listing Maven dependencies in Spring Boot Actuator Info endpoint

Tutorial on how to expose a list of the Maven dependencies in Spring Boot Actuator Info Endpoint using information gathered by more

Spring Cloud AWS 2.3 RC2 Released

After 8 months of work, Spring Cloud AWS 2.3 released!read more

How I built vlad-cli - command line interface to Vlad Mihalcea

Short story how I built CLI tool to search Vlad Mihalcea's blog and how you can build one too with just few NodeJS packages. It's fun and simple!read more

The State of Java Relational Persistence

I had a pleasure to present topic at Spring IO conference in Barcelona. If you have spare one hour or just want to take a look at slides, jump in!read more

On Choosing a Tech Stack

Choosing a tech stack, framework, library seems to be simple problem to solve - you take the best one available on the market. The problem is that there is no such thing as the best tech. It all depends on the context and most importantly on the problem you are more