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Spring Cloud AWS 2.3 RC2 Released

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I am extremely happy to share that we have just released Spring Cloud AWS 2.3 RC2 - a version that is compatible with Spring Boot 2.4 and Spring Cloud 2020.0.

This release contains a new integration with Cognito and a bunch of small improvements, fixes and changes that we believe will make working with Spring Cloud AWS more pleasurable.

I believe the most surprising change is that now you need to include a separate Spring Cloud AWS BOM in your pom.xml file:


Dependencies group ids have to be updated to


All classes have moved from the to package.

Please look into the release notes and updated reference docs for more details.

We are waiting for your feedback - please create issues or start a discussion if you find any bugs or things to improve. If the feedback won't be overwhelming, we are aiming to release a GA on the 18th of February.

Why has the package name changed?

On the 17th of April 2020 it's been announced that Spring Cloud GCP and Spring Cloud AWS are no longer part of the Spring Cloud release train. Not being a part of the release train, also means moving from the Spring Cloud organisation on Github and as an effect - having new Maven coordinates and package names.

We picked awspring as the top level name and as a top level package for Spring Cloud AWS - which leaves us opportunity to create other Spring and AWS, but not necessarily Spring Cloud related packages.

With a great help of Spencer Gibb and other folks from the Spring team, we moved to the new repo and created a new home for Spring Cloud AWS:

What's the future of Spring Cloud AWS?

Once 2.3 is released, our efforts focus on 3.0 - based on AWS SDK 2.0. This release will be an opportunity to revisit every implemented module and align it better with Spring Boot conventions.

2.3.x will receive bugfixes and will be open for community contributions, but we - as the core team - will not focus on adding new features or modules.

2.2.x being a part of the Hoxton release train is continued to be maintaned in the original Spring Cloud repo.

Who's behind the Spring Cloud AWS?

Spring Cloud AWS is a community project with me, Eddú Meléndez and Matej Nedic in the Core Team. We are more than happy to take contributions from the community - in the near future we are going to update contributing guidelines and publish the roadmap for Spring Cloud 3.0.

Stay tuned.

Let's stay in touch and follow me on Twitter: @maciejwalkowiak

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